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Indian Fare (Spicy .... Or Not)

Indian spices are used not only for creating unique and robust flavors but also for their medicinal and Ayurvedic properties. Indian cuisine is defined by the wide range of flavors imparted by the elegant and unique combination of multiple spices and condiments. The best Indian meal has a variety of dishes with rice and hot naan bread. It's not a quick fix meal which is why - for Indian - we always call Spice Connextion and either order to go (most of the time) or visit the restaurant. And they never disappoint. The chicken tikka masala and saag paneer (spinach with cheese) are very good. They offer hot, medium or not spicy -- the medium is plenty spicy unless you like it VERY hot and have a cast iron stomach and you know who you are. They also sell spices if you feel adventurous. It's great having ethnic restaurants coming to town. Makes life more interesting. Here's more info about Spice Connextion.


796 Foxcroft Avenue Martinsburg, WV 25401 Phone : 304-901-4333

  1. MON         CLOSED

  2. TUE           11:30 AM   -   08:30 PM

  3. WED          11:30 AM   -   08:30 PM

  4. THU           11:30 AM   -   08:30 PM

  5. FRI             11:30 AM   -   09:00 PMS

  6. AT            11:30 AM   -   09:00 PM

  7. SUN           11:30 AM   -   08:30 PM


11.30 AM TO 2.30 PM

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