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Poison Ivy Help

This season I decided to do work in our backyard - create a little oasis for us. Problem is, there's poison ivy back there and I got a bad case of it. So I've spent the morning looking up treatments for poison ivy. The best advice came from friends on Facebook. I thought this information could help other people. So I pulled it all together and posted it on my website. These tips are from Facebook posts when I asked for help. It's what I really like about Facebook. It shows how people really are caring and helpful.

  1. Rhuli Spray will clear up quickly. Relieves itching and NO STEROIDS. Trust me these two products have been around for over 50 years and my Momma used them on JR and Me when PRESCRIBED by DR.WarrenGregory back in the early 60’s. Both of us were hospitalized with poison as children! This works! Also the Domboro soak can be used as a wrap if in an odd area. Just soak some cotton material ie pillow case or sheet in the solution and apply. I used this as a sitz bath for my MOMMA when she was undergoing radiation for cancer. She truly had a less painful experience with this.That oil will wash out of your close.....use Tide and Biz and add LYSOL DISINFECTING LAUNDRY DETERGENT.

  2. Zanfel to completely strip any remaining oil and a steroid cream if needed.

  3. Take Benadryl to help with the itching

  4. Get rid of the clothes you were wearing when you became infected...the oil from the plant will not wash out and every time you wear you will be reinfected

  5. I’ve worked around Poison Ivy for years and always strip down clothes in laundry room without issue. Be sure to scrub your shoes, too. Benadryl works well. I have made a paste from Baking Soda and water that pulls tendril oils out of skin immediately. Try that. As soon as you come in, make a paste out of powder Tide that effectively pulls out oils. I use Tide first, shower, then add Baking Soda paste if skin is irritated after shower Learned Tide trick while studying for master gardener

  6. Wash area with Tecnu. But if you have it bad you will probably need Prednisone tablets

  7. Look into the homeopathic poison ivy pills- they're an excellent preventative but you have to take before exposure. My daughter and my friends whole family are super sensitive, but taking them in season eliminates the problem.

  8. can tell you about the Gentizone Cream that we have at the shop! It’s $10 bucks that works immediately. It’s just crazy I can’t explain it! (Vivo Salon)

  9. My daughter all she has to do is see it and boom,Her husband sprays every spring for it.I really think she uses bleach and baking soda paste separately.Dont mix.or white vinegar.

  10. Tecnu is the best stuff

  11. Prednisone will clear it right up. Call your doctor today for a prescription. Feel better soon..

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