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Free & Almost Free Ebook Websites

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Everyday around 5:30 - you can almost set your watch by it (my dog reminds me just in case I forget (big puppy eyes staring at me - if that doesn't work, a paw landing on my leg - if that doesn't work, a circle from where I'm sitting to the front door and back - you get the point. A long walk and a good audio book. Here's some sites to get some good clean (or not) cheap entertainment.

  1. Scribd. My favorite.. $8.99 a month. Unlimited free downloads

  2. Libby Free. You borrow from libraries.

  3. Chirp Another favorite. Lots of books are under $5.00

  4. Free ebooks

  5. LibriVox- free public domain audio books

  6. Feedbooks

  7. Open Library

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