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Sleepy Creek State Forest 10 Trails - Easy to Rough

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Aren't we lucky to live near this beautiful place. It's remote, and not always overrun like many such places and that helps it retain its beauty. Since we're not going to events where people gather, now's a great time to spend time in the nearby more remote parts of the beautiful West Virginia countryside. Here's a link to some hiking trails in the 22,000 acre Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area. Some are pretty rough -- some not. All have wonderful scenery.

FYI. Right now hiking trails and biking trails are open. Camp grounds, lodges, restrooms are closed. This is pretty remote so unlikey you'll have a hard time staying 6 ft away from people.

Happy hiking.

Winter Camp Trail

Wintercamp Loop

Toboggan Hill

Third Mountain Trail

Sleepy Creek

The Tuscarora Trail

Laurel and Ziler Loop

Paw Paw Tunnel

Shockeys Knob

Meadow Branch

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